The Fleet under contract

As the exclusive chartering broker and 50 % shareholder of the Hansa Mare Reederei, Hanseatic Lloyd is responsible for a total of eleven Panmax container vessels.

Hanseatic Lloyd Container ship fleet

4,700 TEU

MV „HLL Adriatic”

(„APL Atlanta”)
IMO no.: 9345972
4,730 TEU

MV „HLL Arctic”
(„APL Oakland”)
IMO no.: 9332250
4,730 TEU

MV „HLL Caribic”
(„APL Los Angeles”)
IMO no.: 9345958
4,730 TEU

MV „HLL Pacific”
(„APL Denver”)
IMO no.: 9345960
4,730 TEU


Hansa Mare Container ship fleet

4,000 TEU

MV „Mare Arcticum”
(„Mare Arcticum”)
IMO no.: 9213284
4,038 TEU

MV „Mare Atlanticum”

(„Mare Atlanticum”)
IMO no.: 9213272
4,038 TEU

MV „Mare Britannicum”

(„Mare Britannicum”)
IMO no.: 9235074
4,038 TEU

MV „Mare Caribicum”
(„Mare Caribicum”)
IMO no.: 9235086
4,038 TEU

MV „Mare Lycium”
(„Mare Lycium”)
IMO no.: 9193238
4,038 TEU

MV „Mare Phoenicium”
(„Mare Phoenicium”)
IMO no.: 9193226
4,038 TEU

MV „Mare Siculum”
(„Alvsborg Bridge”)
IMO no.: 9169134
3,987 TEU