The most important data of the
Hanseatic Lloyd Group


After restructuring measures within the Hanseatic Lloyd group Justus Kniffka takes over as sole managing director of the German companies ashore Reederei, Schiffahrt, Chartering and Handel. The container vessel MV “HLL Baltic” as well as the tankers MT “HLL Aegean” and MT “HLL Ionian” were sold.


Originated in 2008 the finance and shipping crisis is continuing.


In January, the Hanseatic Lloyd Group celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Hanseatic Lloyd assumes responsibility for the ship management for the two 2006 and 2007 initiated Panmax tankers as well as the commercial ship management for the Small-Handy-Size tanker, initiated in 2005. The three W-O tankers are re-named and given the prefix “HLL”.


On 16th March, the Founder and Chairman of the Hanseatic Lloyd Group as well as the co-founder and shareholder of the Hansa Mare Reederei, Harro Kniffka, passed away. The business affairs of the Hanseatic Lloyd Group are now conducted by his eldest son, Justus Kniffka, as well as by the experienced and long-serving Management Board.


The Panmax container ships MV “HLL Arctic” and MV “HLL Caribic” are delivered from the shipyard in April and put into service. They are followed in June by the identical sister ships MV “HLL Pacific” and MV “HLL Adriatic”.



The end of April sees the full placement for the third partnership project. The equity capital placed for the Panmax tanker totals EUR 18.7 million (incl. premium).



With the shipping company partner a Panmax tanker with a deadweight tonnage of 73,400 tdw is initiated and equity capital in the amount of EUR 20.3 million (incl. premium) is placed by mid-November. This is followed by the start of selling shares for the sister ship.



For the first time a product/chemical tanker with a deadweight tonnage of 16,456 tdw is initiated as a joint project together with the shipping company partner W-O. In this co-operation the Hanseatic Lloyd Reederei is responsible for the placing of the equity capital and for the KG-market. The shipping company partner, as the authorised ship operator, is responsible for operation of the ship on behalf of the joint project.



Until June a total of EUR 30.7 million (incl. premium) are placed in the capital market for the HLL Tanker-Flottenfonds I. From the middle of the year, four container ships of the Panmax class as well as four product/chemical tankers are ordered.



The step to diversification is accomplished in the second quarter. Four product/chemical tankers of 19,800 tdw (deadweight tonnage) each are ordered. In the last quarter, four second-hand product/ chemical tankers with a deadweight tonnage of 19,990 tdw each are taken over and offered for placing in the capital market as HLL Tanker-Flottenfonds I. In 2003, a total of EUR 18.5 million (incl. premium) are placed.



A total of EUR 27.5 million (incl. premium) are placed in the capital market for the ship’s share funds MV “HLL Atlantic” and MV “HLL Baltic”. The newbuildings MV “HLL Atlantic” and MV “HLL Pacific” are delivered by the shipyard in December and put into service.



The corporate structure is established in January. The head office of the group holding company is domiciled in Switzerland. Subsidiary companies are founded in Bremen, Hamburg, Singapore and London. Two newbuildings, each with a container carrying capacity of 4,713 TEU, are ordered, a third ship with a capacity of 4,565 TEU is taken over in December as a second-hand project. The placed equity incl. premium amounts to EUR 12.5 million.



Between 1992 and 2000 the Hansa Mare shipping company continuously expands its fleet of modern container vessels ranging from 1,000 TEU and 4,000 TEU and employs it successfully in international maritime traffic - financed through investors on the German capital market. Over 3,800 investors invest more than 390 million Euro in Hansa Mare vessels. Together with the shipping company and the banks the total investment volume comes to nearly 858 million Euro.

As of the end of 2000, the fleet has grown to 20 vessels with a total storage capacity of 56,873 TEU. This means the Hansa Mare shipping company can cover the tonnage needs of major shipping lines worldwide across all size classes – the market position strategically planned on a long-term basis is thus attained. Besides providing support for the sales partners and shareholders of the twenty one-ship companies, the focus is now placed exclusively on the actual core business of the shipping company: The chartering out of the fleet that operates worldwide.



The shipowner Harro Kniffka establishes the Hansa Mare shipping company in Bremen together with partners.



Founder Harro Kniffka † 16th March 2009

The shipowner Harro Kniffka founded the
Hanseatic Lloyd Group in January 2001.
Before that Mr Kniffka had worked for well-known shipping companies in New York and Hamburg for more than 30 years. In 1992, together with other partners he founded the Hansa Mare Reederei, Bremen, of which the Kniffka family continues to indirectly be a 50 % shareholder via Hanseatic Lloyd Holding in Bremen.