A wonderful illustrated book about the fantastic world of container shipping

Container shipping Container shipping and globalisation are mutually dependent: without the success of the shipping container, there would be much less international exchange of goods, but for years the growth of global trade and the trend towards the division of labour has been fuelling the demand for international container transport.

At least 90% of goods traded globally are transported via the seven seas. This book paints a picture of the international network of container transport chains, describing the infrastructure of container liner shipping and explaining just how little cargo does not undertake a container ship journey between the ports of this planet. The reader is introduced to the key roles allocated to the crew, the goings-on inside container terminals, the nature of inland logistics and some of the essential facts about shipbuilding, environmental protection and safety in container shipping.

This book provides readers enthused by container shipping with a consummate blend between fascinating photography and well-rounded information.

The publisher of the book is the Hanseatic Lloyd Reederei GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen.

  • A highlight in this book are the so-called widescreen shots. These are 6 fantastic shots in landscape format, which are realised with a very seldom 6x17 cm camera and covering three pages.
  • The unique photos originate from internationally famous photographers as well as many shipping companies and from private archives.
  • The book in the extraordinary landscape format 32x25,8 cm with more than 120 photos or illustrations and 144 pages is printed in a special technique to generate spatial depth
  • The book is available in German or English.

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