Financial investments on the high seas

Since 1992 Hanseatic Lloyd respectively Hansa Mare Reederei in which Hanseatic Lloyd holds a 50 % share initialised a total of 38 ship projects, thereof 26 as closed-end funds. By the end of 2011, the overall investment volume amounted to more than EUR 1.37 billion. 513 million Euro equity capital in total were placed on the German investment market. A large proportion of over 6,000 private and institutional investors repeatedly invested in our vessels.

Our investors are periodically informed in detail throughout the lifetime of the corresponding investment company about all fund-related, economic and tax questions by means of the annual financial statements, the reports of the management board and various circular letters concerning the current status of the corresponding one-ship company.

A large part of the funds projects has been terminated with the sale of the respective vessel.

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